Cecilia Bellora

Welcome to my website! I am an economist currently contributing to the Modelling & Outlooks team within the Economic and Environment Division of the OECD's Environment Directorate.

My professional focus revolves around the intersection of economics and environmental sustainability. Specifically, I specialize in assessing the long-term environmental and economicc impacts of environmental policies, with a keen focus on elucidating the indirect effects that stem from the heterogeneous implementation of policies across nations in an increasingly interconnected global framework. I have a penchant for delving deeply into unraveling the cascading effects across sectors and countries.

Before joining the OECD, I led the Trade Policy research team at CEPII, where my focus was twofold:

  • Trade Policy Analysis: I have delved into the multifaceted impacts of trade policies, with a particular emphasis on tracing these effects along complex value chains.
  • Intersection of Trade and Environmental Policies: In particular, I have been investigating the potential of trade policies as a mechanism to mitigate the indirect effects arising from the divergent implementation of environmental policies across countries. Additionally, I dedicated part of my work to exploring the links between trade, trade policies, and biodiversity, encompassing both wild and cultivated species.

Recent output

EU in search of a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism
Energy Economics, 2023, with L. Fontagné


46 quai Alphonse Le Gallo
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France